What Are The Best Bean Bags To Store Stuffed Animals?

Is your child’s room full of plush toys that she doesn’t want to throw away? Are you tired of constantly picking up stuffed animals from the floor to clean them up? The solution is here, and it’s a stuffable bean bag!

What is a stuffable bean bag?

Stuffable bean bag is an empty bean bag chair cover for you and your child to fill with stuffed animals. But you can store in it so much more like towels, pillows or blankets! It is a brilliant solution to declutter your kid’s room and still be able to keep all the favorite plush toys.

It pretty much always comes empty so that you can use your imagination to fill it up and make it a  tremendous comfy seat for your child or yourself!

Benefits of having a storage bean bag chair 

There are so many benefits of a bean bag chair that act as a storage.

Organizing the room

  • Cleaning up your kids’ room from all those plush toys lying around every day is definitely the biggest one. Your child will love a fun space saver and can easily reach inside for his favourite toy
  • You don’t have to throw away toys that your little one is not playing with anymore. They can keep them safely inside on the bean bag, and suddenly, the room looks so much more spacious!
  • It will teach your child to enjoy clean up time. Beloved toys are just within reach of a little hand

Childs bean bag chair

  • After stuffing the bean bag with toys, it will become a comfy chair your child can use
  • Fighting over a favourite spot on the sofa? Your kid will now have his own chair to lie down and relax while reading a book in his room or watching TV
  • Easy to move around by kids meaning she can drag the bean bag chair around without you worrying that it can fall on her feet and hurt her
  • There are so many colors and designs; you’ll have no problem to match the cover with your little one’s room
  • They will have so much fun to choose with you which one they like the most to be their plush toys new home


  • Apart from stuffed animals, you can store so many things inside! Blankets, throws, pillows, towels, bedding, even clothes! You can put them in between the toys inside to make the chair fuller and more comfortable
  • You can throw in some of his jumpers and hoodies to make it denser too
  • If your kid is a teenager and wants a bit more grown-up room but is not ready yet to say goodbye to favourite plush toys, then a stuffable bean bag comes in very handy. The toys are out of the view and safely inside the bag, and your child gains a modern bean bag chair to match his room


  • Storage bean bag chair covers come with long, sturdy zippers to ensure the loading and unloading of the bag is easy
  • There is double sewing which is excellent to prevent tearing of the bag and making it last for years
  • It is usually made from cotton canvas. Canvas fabric is best known for being sturdy, durable, and heavy-duty. Which makes it perfect for kids! Some manufacturers are also offering softer materials like plush or velvet

Other uses

  • Stuffable bean bags can have great use as a footrest. It will keep your throws and blankets in one place and be that comfy footstool everyone will want to use
  • It can be a great gift! How many times were you wondering what to buy for your niece and nephew for birthdays and Christmas? Now you’ll be the favourite one who bought them the coolest storage bean bag chair

How to clean it?

Most of the storage bean bag chair covers are machine washable, making cleaning so much easier. You can also spot clean it with hot soapy water, but depending on the stain you might need to put it into the washing machine anyway. 

What to watch out for when buying a storage bean bag?

  • If you are looking to have it as a standard bean bag chair and fill it with filler like polystyrene balls, we recommend getting inner linings like this one. Stuffable bean bag covers have very long zip that opens the bag widely. If you don’t have an inner liner for filling, the little balls will go everywhere around the room, and it will be a nightmare to pick them up and put back in
  • I have found out that many people are complaining about the visible lumps on the bag after filling it with the plush toys. What might help is to line up the towel inside of the cover before putting animals in to achieve a nice, smooth feel on the outside. You can also put rolled towels within the stuffed toys to make it more full 
  • Check the zipper for quality. It should run smoothly to open and close and not have any scratchy parts
  • Have a look at the stitching and fabric. Double stitching is recommended for the best durability. Material has to be smooth and without any rips

Our choices for the best storage bean bag cover:

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Designer Seat

  • Made from 100% cotton canvas 
  • Extra-large size – 50 x 30 x 35 inches
  • Holds more than 100 toys
  • Great for giant toys
  • When filled it will become a lounger with back support
  • Reversible, neutral designs (4) to match your home décor 
  • Sturdy, kids proof handle
  • Easy to move around
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Machine washable 

WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover for Kids

  • 100% cotton canvas 
  • Extra-large – 38″
  • Can hold up to a 100 toys or seven pillows or 200l beans
  • Double stitching 
  • A lot of kids friendly designs – comes in 8 variations
  • Long, 48″ zipper for an easy opening

Unicorn Stuffed Animal Toy Storage

  • Made out of velvet 
  • Medium or Large size
  • Fun, animal designs for boys and girls
  • Creating a super cosy seat 
  • Machine washable
  • 12 months warranty

Miaowater 2 PCS Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover

  • Made from cotton canvas
  • Two bags option available
  • Great for siblings to avoid fighting over one bag
  • Size 24″
  • A useful handle on top
  • Universal stripy design (3 colors)
  • Can be great as a footrest

Toy Organizer & Floor Lounger in One

  • Made from cotton canvas
  • Measures 50″ L x 30″ W x 35″ H
  • Large capacity – can fit around 100 toys 
  • After filling transforms into a lounger with back support
  • Hypoallergenic and fire-retardant material 
  • Machine washable 
  • Nine designs that can be great for older kids too

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair – Large Stuff ‘n Sit by Creative QT

  • Made from cotton canvas
  • Comes in three sizes:
    • Toddler –  approximately 27″
    • Large – approximately 33″
    • Extra-large – approximately 38″
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Machine washable
  • Amazing 13 designs to match your little one’s room 

Final Thoughts

Storage bean bag chair covers are great! I’m sure that within those designs you’ll find the one that you and your child will fall in love with straight away. Even for older kids, you will find some fabulous designs that are not juvenile for teenagers who want to have a grown-up look in their room.

Stuffable bean bags are a great solution to declutter your kid’s room, make more space and give them a great, comfy chair to chill.

It’s the ultimate solution to keep everyone happy: 

  • you as a parent for organizing your child’s room
  • you can get design and colors to match your home décor 
  • your kid to being able to keep all the beloved toys and gaining new favourite chair 

Multiple uses, great as gifts for boys and girls, storage bean bag covers are there to make your life easier. As you can see, there is plenty to choose from, and the quality is there to make sure you and your child can enjoy it for years to come.


Self-taught bean bag enthusiast. I love restoring, fixing, and making bean bags from scratch.

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