This Is Why People Need Bean Bag Tablet Holders

If you are tired of holding your tablet while you cook or read, the bean bag tablet holder is a great solution. It will allow you to enjoy the things you love even more, like cooking, reading and relaxing while watching a movie with free hands and a secure spot for your device. 

What is a bean bag tablet holder?

A bean bag tablet holder is a bean bag that is usually designed to hold tablets. Most of the bean bag tablet holders are filled with polystyrene beads or beans. They offer a perfect solution for keeping your phone and tablet in an upright position.

If you are uncertain about which bean bag tablet holder to buy, here are a couple of benefits of having one:

It’s versatile

Bean bag tablet holders have multiple uses. It can be used to hold all models’ tablets, and it’s an ideal book stand for the kitchen or office. You can use a bean bag tablet holder to place your phone and camera as you record a video, and in addition to that, they are great traveling pillows.


You can use it in a place that suits you best; when lying down, sitting, or standing. You don’t have to use the bean bag tablet holder in just one position. The material is soft and comfortable if you opt to lay on it as a pillow. You are assured to have a comfortable experience with the least strain possible.

Easy to use

All you have to do is simply put your tablet, phone or book on the holder, and it will do the rest for you. Easy to carry around, low maintenance and working with several angles to provide the great entertainment you deserve.

Relieves strain 

When looking at your device, the position you sit in might cause a strain in the neck, shoulders or hands. Having a holder will help you to reduce upper-body pressure and to relax more. It will also help with improving your position when you’re lying in bed while reading a book.


Bean bag tablet holders are designed to protect your tablet from falling hence preventing any damage. Thanks to the filling and material its made of, your device is positioned safely, avoiding falling and breaking. The holder will keep it in place, allowing you to enjoy the movie or book without the worry of your tablet slipping away to the floor and possibly breaking.


Bean bag tablet holders are made with suitable fabrics and fillings that are light. Kids can easily pick up the majority of the bean bag tablets holders. The portable nature of it allows you to move it around quickly and swiftly. You can use it in the office, on the plane, on the couch, and in your bed.

Have built-in storage

It’s a great and convenient way to keep things you might need right next to you. Use the bean bag holder storage to keep in your reading glasses, earphones, phone, and charger, without needing to get up all the time to reach for them.

It’s a perfect gift

Bean bag tablet holder is a perfect gift; great for people who like to cook to help them keep tablets or books with recipes on a kitchen counter. It will be an excellent gift for kids to allow them to read books or watch movies, and with colorful designs, it will quickly become their favorite accessory. It really is an ideal gift for people of all ages, and with many styles, you will be able to find the one that matches their taste.

Things to consider when buying a bean bag tablet holder


Make sure you familiarize yourself with the size of the bean bag tablet holder. Most of them can easily fit devices up to 12 inches, some even more. Some tablet holders are smaller in size, so if you have a device that is around 11 inches is better to double-check if it will fit on the bean bag holder. 

If your tablet is too big, it won’t hold onto the desired position and most likely slide down from the bean bag holder.


Most bean bag tablet holders are filled with mini polystyrene foam beads. Which allows the bean bag holder to change its shape and position of your tablet at comfortable angles. All you have to do is push your device more into the holder to get the right angle.

Styrofoam beads as a filling will also allow you to use your bean bag tablet holder as a pillow.


Bean bag tablet holders can be positioned in any way, but they also work great on an uneven surface like on a lap or a bed. As mentioned before, they can be used as a pillow. It will work great if you are travelling on a plane or a long car journey. 

Bean bag tablet holders are not just for electronic devices. They will work perfectly with books and magazines too. If you love cooking, it will be great to hold your recipe book and make the whole process more comfortable.

Which are the best bean bag tablet holders?

We have selected the best bean bag tablet holders available in the market today based on quality materials, price and reviews. Here are our favorites:

Lap – pro stand/caddy universal bean bag lap stand 

The bean bag tablet holder is available in a beautiful polka dots design. It is one of the most cheerful patterns, and the color is the epitome of happiness. Polka dots are kids’ favorite, making them an ideal gift. The bean bag tablet holder is made of microfiber material, enabling you to wash it easily. You don’t have to use it at one angle; this bean bag holder works up to 89 degrees! You can use it to hold your tablet and store books, magazines or e-readers as it has a side pocket. It is light and easily portable. It can also be used as a pillow. You can use this tablet holder on uneven surfaces; all you have to do is place your tablet or gadget in the handle.

MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand

Made of linen and cotton, this bean bag tablet holder is a great solution to keep your device in a perfect position while you enjoy the movie. Ideal to fit tablets, Ipads, ebook readers and books. It has pockets on both sides, which are great to store headphones or charging cable. The handle on top makes it super easy to move around. MoKo bean bag tablet holder is filled with styrofoam beads, making it lightweight and easy to position to your liking. A washable cover makes cleaning much easier and quicker. The versatile nature of this product allows you to use it as a tablet holder and a pillow.

Planet Buddies Tablet Stand and iPad holder

This lovely bean bag tablet holder will be an excellent gift for kids! It comes in 4 beautiful designs: an owl, penguin, turtle and a whale. Planet Buddies tablet holder features eco-conscious packaging to educate kids on endangered animals and climate change. They are made out of soft, high-quality polyester, which is very easy to clean. Suitable to fit any device up to 12.9 inches, it includes two pockets to fit in any extra necessary accessories. The holder is lightweight and easy to carry around on a trip or plane flight, where it could also be used as a pillow.

Flippy with new storage multi cubby multi-angle soft pillow lap stand

Flippy’s tablet holder has a smart design that gives you three different angles views; this will enable you to get more comfortable as you can use the tablet in any position you like. It can be used universally due to its compatibility with most tablets.

You can use this tablet holder to hold phones, Ipads, magazines, and textbooks. It’s made of suede and foam; the fabric is extra soft, making you feel comfortable as you place it on your laps.

Flippy’s holder has storage in the middle; you can easily place the items you may need, such as your reading glasses, earphones and snacks. The extra storage will reduce frequent movement and distractions as you try to reach for these items. 

Soft material, three different angles, multiple colours and a great little storage make it an ideal gift for all ages. 

Final Thoughts 

We all love things with multiple uses; the bean bag tablet holder is perfect as you can use it to hold tablets and store books and magazines. Great for holding your device and book; it will become the most useful accessory in no time.

Say goodbye to your tablet slipping on the counter as you cook or having stiff hands when reading a book in bed. The best thing about bean bag tablet holders is that you can use them anywhere, and they will always provide a stable and secure space for your device.

With the best choices provided, I hope you will find the one that suits you the most and make your life a little more comfortable with everyday tasks. 


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