The Truth About Bean Bag Chair Weigh Everybody Should Know

While we mostly think of Bean bag chairs as newcomer furniture, they ironically drew their origin back in the ’70s. Today, however, we closely associate them with young adult rooms or college dorms where you would mostly find them anyway. Nevertheless, many adults also have them in their houses now, at the lounges and bedrooms. 

So far, these lounge-style chairs have transformed their fashion into now the aesthetically pleasing, cozy, and relaxing sitting bases. What we have now are all-accommodative designs that suit the pride of teenagers and people of all ages. Therefore, your best choice will reign on factors to consider, such as bean bag weight and bean bag size

Weight specification of a bean bag chair: How much it weighs

The typical weight and size dimensions of a bean chair would averagely vary. While some would weigh 75 pounds, others would only be 3 pounds, and it’s the same for the length. However, there is not a massive variance as sizes can never be excessively large or too small with length. 

As we indulge further into this discussion, we will help you understand how much a bean bag chair weighs and the various sizes available. These ideas will, in the end, assist you with the quality selection of your best bean bag chair. Let’s kick-off by looking at some of the specific designs considering the top 5 best bean bag chairs in the current market. 

1. Chill Bean-Bag Chair 

Chill Sack is one of Amazon’s best choice items in bean bag chair listings. Big Sofa with Soft Microfiber Cover comes with a super elegant design and a high level of coziness for ultimate laxity and user convenience. Its dimensional specifications are 60 inches x 60 inches x 34 inches, equivalent to 5-foot. With this size, it weighs 55 pounds which is an ideal weight for easy push and pulls whenever location change is needed. 

Other versions in its category measure 4 to 8 feet – the largest ones can accommodate two people at a time. 

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2. Sofa Sack – Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

Another topmost recommendable design in this listing is the Sofa Sack. It typically appears smaller than the Chill sack; however, it still features the executive comfort you want. Many consider it a perfect bedroom accessory worth considering in its physical design, color, and even size. The three-foot chair measures 24 inches x 36 inches x 36 inches for dimension and a weight size of 18.06 pounds. Therefore, one of the most highly portable bean bag chairs can serve as a more splendid alternative.

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3. Big Joe Classic 98 Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe is yet another fashionable bean bag design. Its features include;

  • A classy 98 shape for ultimate comfort
  • Durable fabric: water/ stain-resistant material easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Perfectly filled
  • Can be refilled

Dimensional features;

  • bean bag weight: 3.1 pounds
  • bean bag size: 33″L x 33″W x 20″H

According to these dimensional details, the Big Joe is also a lightweight design for a choice. Its the most suited for children and the elderly who may not have enough strength to move the chair. Otherwise, it is an ideal choice for anyone who loves the comfort level it has to offer. 

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4. Amazon Basics Memory Foam chair

This product is a Sofa-style microfiber bean bag lounger featuring quality softness, support, and longevity. While it can suitably meet your bedroom’s needs, you can still use it somewhere else, a lounge, living room, gaming room, etc. This chair comes with a Memory Foam building up its super-end structure and a microfiber material covering it all-up. Its dimensional details include;

  • bean bed size: 72 x 48 x 34 inches
  • Bean bed weight: 64 pounds

It is one of the heavier designs and not the easiest to shift around. 

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5. Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Stuffed Animal Storage is a simple yet highly fashionable bean bag chair that would pretty well meet all your expectations. Instead of the typical ’round’ shaped design, this chair comes with a ‘clever’ design of its unique kind. As it comes empty, you can store anything inside, starting from kids plush toys up to blankets, throws and duvets.


Size: 53 x 35 x 30 inches

Weight: 16 ounces

Stuffed Animal Storage would perfectly fit into your small rooms and remain highly portable – how convenient! 

Check it here (Available on Amazon)

How much does a large bean bag weigh?

When shopping for a bean bag chair, the size of the bag always plays a part, big or small – the giant chairs in this category measure about 8 feet long with varying dimensions. The weight size will now vary based on the materials used in their construction.

A typical illustration is with the above products – the dimensions quite vary. For instance, Amazon Basics Memory Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair weighs 64 pounds and does not stop there. Some bean bag chairs weigh even more than 70 plus pounds and cover the longer foot in their physical dimension. 

When making your purchases, however, a pivotal guideline to whether you should choose a heavy or a lightweight design depends on a few factors, which include; 

  • The person to use it: Here, you should consider the age and ability to use the chair comfortably 
  • Whether you will frequently be shifting it or not: It is cumbersome to keep on moving a heavy chair’s position.

Other factors on this could be whether you will want a two-seater or three or more. The lengthier the chair is, the heavier it gets. 

Are bean bag chairs refillable?

Typically, all bean bag chairs come with pre filled interiors which, in other words, they are usually ready for use. Well, unfortunately, not all of these chairs tend to keep their coziness level high throughout. In this accord, therefore, there are some which will allow refilling. The process means stuffing in more of the soft materials to bring back the laxity level the chair used to have. When making your choices and purchases, therefore, be careful to make the right choices. However, a solid non-refillable chair will mostly remain intact long enough to serve you for years to come. 

Key reasons why you need a bean bag chair?

From health to casual reasons, a bean bag chair offers tremendous and exciting benefits you would very much enjoy. Some of us take it as a privilege and a better chance to earn line fulfillment in our own space and time, which actualizes anyway. For those who might not have experienced all these yet, below are the primary calling reasons for your inquiries about these unique super elegant lounge chairs. 


Our daily work can be overwhelming and tiresome. A chair like this is a massager of its kind. Its design provides the laxity you can enjoy while taking your coffee, listening to music, watching movies, gaming, and a lot more. Always giving your mind a good quality rest. 

The best choice for this are the cozier ones. They come with fluffy features and are often large enough to accommodate a couple. These are whole body supporting kits that offer the ultimate comfort for maximum laxity after heavy workdays.

A decent accessory in your room 

Overall, a bean bag chair looks pretty – of course it must be a decent design and the most appealing to your options. If you have other conventional chairs in your room, a bean bag chair will always bring this unique but interesting addition everyone would love in their space. The key tactic is still to find the most appropriate position to place it.

Save your budget

As expected, the bean bag chairs sell at different prices determined by various factors. Some of the cheaper ones are sold at around $40 – $50 could be lower. Of course, an ordinary two or  three seater chair would sell above this; hence it remains one of the best alternatives when looking for a chair for your studio room.

Easy to relocate

Bean bag weight is always manageable in most instances. Pushing or pulling a weight of about 70 pounds at least is convenient for most people. Therefore, one of these seats can serve lots of your rooms from lounge to sitting room and even your bedroom. 

Health benefits 

Below are some of the top health-backed-up reasons why you need the bean bag chair.

  • It sets you in a healthy posture: The chair offers quality support to your entire body
  • Therapeutic effect on your back pains
  • Offers work from sitting base
  • Relaxes the mind hence reducing tension
  • It eases the muscles and joint pains
  • Calms autistic children

See more of these health benefits here

Last Thoughts

Old but still gold, the bean bag chair designs have come a long way to reach what we have. There are now multiple designs defined by dimensional factors, length, and weight. A Bean bag weight and bean bag size are two critical aspects of purchasing the best bean bag chairs. Buying a chair, you will not be comfortable and may pose useless and unworthy. Therefore, it is essential to consider your house space, the user’s age, and most importantly, your budget. 


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