5 Reasons Why Are Bean Bags Amazing For Your Dog

Are you looking for a new bed for your dog? Why not consider a bean bag dog bed? It comes with multiple benefits, and it’s guaranteed your pet will love it!

Bean bags are great for dogs. They provide the warmth and comfort that dogs need to feel secure at their own spot. They will provide support for bones and joints. Primarily older and miniature or small breeds might have trouble jumping up and down from your bed or sofa. 

Why are bean bags good for dogs?

There are several benefits of having a bean bag dog bed:

1. Gives your dog their own space 

Your dog needs to have his bed. It’s kind of like having his own room where he feels private and secure. It’s not always the best if your dog sleeps in the bed with you. Bean bag dog beds are designed to contour your dog’s body’s shape to make them feel comfortable. 

They can sleep there any time of the day in any position they like, knowing that this is their space to get uninterrupted sleep and rest.

2. They are durable and versatile 

We all know that scenario when you buy a novelty for your dog, and a couple of hours later, he ripped it apart, and there is no sign of that pretty new toy you picked up in a shop. The same thing applies to dog beds.

Many of my friend’s dogs gave their opinions of their little fluffy beds by biting and scratching them, eventually making them unable to be called a ‘bed’ anymore. But that’s dogs nature; they love digging in their bed to get themselves more comfortable. 

Bean bag dog beds are made out of durable materials that take on dogs’ bodies and make them instantly relaxed. For example, marine-grade vinyl material will last for years, even if your dog will try to use it as a chewing toy. 

Bean bags’ versatile nature will allow you to put your dog’s bed outside on lovely, warm days so he can have a relaxing nap in a shadow.

3. It gives your dog warmth

You think that your dog looks comfortable when sleeping on the floor, but that might not be true. Dogs can fall asleep pretty much anywhere, but it doesn’t mean they are entirely comfortable. They need a soft, cozy spot that will protect their joints, especially if they are older. 

Bean bags can provide that for them, plus you know that feeling of ultimate comfort when you are sitting on your bean bag, right? It’s like a huge soft cuddle, and your dog will love it as much as you.

4. It helps to protect joints and prevent injuries

If your dog sleeps on a hard surface like a floor, it might cause arthritis or joint pain for him. If you have an older dog, he might even have problems falling asleep on hard surfaces due to painful joints.

Constantly sleeping on the floor could create calluses on your dog’s body, especially on their elbows or hips. The repetitive strain from lying on such a solid surface may also cause your dog to develop a hygroma, which is a fluid-filled sac that forms between his joints. If not treated, these will become weakened over time and may get infected.

Many of these injuries can be avoided by supporting the dog with cushioned bedding, such as a bean bag. You can save your dog from getting those issues just by getting the proper beds for his needs.

5. Easy to keep clean 

Most manufacturers of high-quality bean bag dog beds use stain-resistant materials, making the cleaning a lot easier on you. Those materials are also resistant to fleas which is the best option for keeping your dog clean and healthy. 

The best material to choose is vinyl as it is straightforward to clean, and due to it not having any soft fibres – fleas are unable to breed. Fuzzy bean bags can be a place where fleas might find space to live, so it’s better to look for a smoother surface.  

It also helps to keep your dog clean as no matter how many times a day we might be cleaning and mopping, there is always some dirt and bacteria on the floor, which the dog and ourselves keep moving around the house.

Some of the bean dog beds have washable covers which are machine washable, like cotton, plush, corduroy or even polyester – put it into the machine and let it take care of the rest. Easy peasy!  

Other materials like vinyl or PVC can be jet washed in your garden at your convenience. I can guarantee your dog will want to play with the water as well; therefore, spraying him with a hose will be great fun for him while you are cleaning his bed too.

Can dogs sleep on a bean bag?

Yes, of course. Bean bag dog bed is a regular bed for dogs. Some dogs sleep on the floor or an old bed that no longer has any support or softness. By choosing a bean bag bed for your dog, you are providing him with a soft, cozy, and durable place to lie down and sleep without compromising his health and joint problems.

A lot of dogs sleep on the wrong beds; some are too small or too fluffy. Yes, that can be an issue sometimes as beds that are too soft do not provide enough support for the dog’s body, giving them that sinking feeling instead of security and comfort.

If you give any dog a choice to sleep where they want, they will always choose the most comfortable option, hence why they always want to take over your bed. You’d be nicely surprised how much time your dog will spend on his bean bag bed.

Why do dogs sleep so much?

Dogs need a lot of sleep. Humans need between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night, but dogs need twice as much. I’m sure you are always looking at your dog napping several times a day and thinking you want a life like that too. 

Sleep is an essential factor for dogs to be able to live a happy life and behave normally. The average adult dog sleeps between 12 to 14 hours a day, while puppies need around 18 to 20 hours.

How much your dog rests depends a lot on his age and lifestyle. Puppies and young dogs, just like human babies, are getting tired quickly through playing and exploring the new world. During sleep, they are recharging their brain and little body for more playtime.

Older, senior dogs need more rest too, as playtimes and activities become more tiring for them.

That is a lot of sleep, and dogs, just like us, need a good quality bed to rest and recover their energy fully. If you want to provide the best sleep experience for your dog, then consider getting a bean bag bed for him. Bean bags for dogs conform to the little (or big) body, creating the ultimate comfort and support when relaxing or sleeping.

What kind of bean bag should I choose for my dog?

When choosing a bean bag bed for your dog, you should consider a couple of things before making a final decision. Having sharp teeth and claws, a dog can easily damage a lot of materials. That’s why it’s not safe to give them your old bean bag chair to sleep on, as they will probably destroy it pretty soon, if not immediately.

Bean bag dog beds have to be made from durable material that provides antibacterial, flea and odour resistant features. They also have to be comfortable and supportive. Let’s talk about how to choose the best bean bag beds for your dog.

What is the best material for dog beds?

Dogs will bite, chew and scratch their bed. That will happen for sure, and you have to accept it. Therefore, the bed’s material has to be strong enough to survive all this. 

The best material out there is definitely marine-grade vinyl. The benefits include waterproof (fresh and saltwater), mould resistant, antibacterial (hypoallergenic) and fleas & odour resistant. Easy to clean and maintain will be a long companion to your dog’s sweet dreams.

Other popular options are nylon, polyester or PVC. All of them are easy to clean, long-lasting and durable. The main benefit is that fleas avoid open areas (that is why they find dogs fur as a perfect place to live). Hence beds made out of those materials are fleas resistant. Fleas can’t hide anywhere on flat fabrics.

Keep your pet habit in mind, too; not all dogs will chew the bed; therefore, you could easily go with cotton material that is breathable and soft. 

Despite all the great and durable materials, you should always check your dog’s bed for any tears or holes. It’s dangerous for animals to inhale or eat bean bags filling.

What’s the best filling for a bean bag dog bed?

I found out that virgin EPS beads (expanded polystyrene) are one of the best ones. They are durable, lightweight and can hold their shape for a very long time. Of course, after some time, you will have to refill or put more beads inside to keep the bed in its best form, but many manufacturers promise up to a year of beads holding their shape.

When it comes to filling your dog’s bed, you can control its firmness. Mature dogs usually prefer firmer beds than younger ones who like to sleep on softer ones. Older dogs or those with aches, pains, or joint disorders can benefit from an orthopaedic or memory foam bed that they can quickly enter and leave.

If your pet’s bed is filled with EPS beads, but you wish to make it firmer, a great solution is to add some shredded foam (crumb foam) inside.

Combining the two is a great choice when you want to add some more cushioning to the bed. In addition, the beads won’t compress as fast, which will extend their life.

But be careful not to use more foam that beads as the crumb foam has a low density, meaning heavier dogs might compress it too much, and therefore they will be laying pretty much on the floor. 

If you are refilling the dog bed on your own, make sure that your pet is not around as he might think it is a great play area around big bags of fillers and tear them or chew on some filling. It’s dangerous for animals to inhale or eat bean bag filling.

What is the best shape for a bean bag dog bed?

Dog beds come in many shapes. The most popular are round and rectangular ones.

Round bean beds are great for dogs who like to sleep curled up. Usually found in homes of smaller breeds, but today’s sizes allow even large dogs to have a comfortable sleep on a huge round bed.

Rectangle beds are great for dogs who love to sleep stretched out and use the maximum space provided. Probably the best for large breeds like English Mastiff or Great Dane.

What size is the best for a bean bag dog bed?

Choosing a size for your dog’s bed is a crucial decision. It can’t be too small, but it also can’t be too big, making your dog feel insecure. It should be big enough for them to rest in all-natural positions safely. 

A lot depends on your dog size and weight, but I’ve got a couple of examples for you to make things a little easier.

Dog's WeightBreed's ExampleRecommended Bed Size
Up to 20 lbsChihuahuaSmall – 18" round
Up to 35 lbsFrench BulldogMedium – 26" round
Up to 55 lbsAustralian ShepherdLarge – 34" round
Up to 95 lbsGolden RetrieverExtra Large - 45" round
Up to 100 lbsGerman Shepherd48" x 30" x 7" square
Up to 132 lbsBernese Mountain Dog52" x 36" x 7" square
Up to 220 lbsEnglish Mastiff60" x 48" x 7" square

All the sizes are approximate to help you get an idea of the sizing for a bean bag dog bed.

Waterproof bean bag dog bed

If you are looking for a waterproof bed for your dog, I recommend getting marine-grade vinyl, polyester or vinyl.  All those fabrics are waterproof and will make cleaning an easy task. They are durable and will survive rough playtime outside too.

It’s a great option if you have a pool or your dogs like to play in a pond in the garden, and they want to relax and lie down when still wet. If your dog is anything like mine and loves being sprayed with the water hose, then you definitely need a waterproof bed for him.

Another idea is to put it in the back of your car if you are going for a hike with your dog. If you are going offroad, you can be sure that your pet will come back wet and covered in mud. It will keep your vehicle clean, dry, and your dog comfortable after a long walk. 

Indoors and outdoors 

We just talked about waterproof fabrics for your dog’s bed and keeping them outside. Every dog owner comes to wonder about putting your dog’s bed out on a nice, warm day so they can chill in the fresh air too.

You can easily do it with waterproof beds as the material is designed to be outside as well. They will survive occasional rain, and most of them are UV light-resistant. You can place them anywhere in your garden, but choose the space in the shadow, so if your dog decides to nap, he is not exposed to direct sun.

But how about soft fabrics like cotton or corduroy? A lot depends on where you are planning to place it outside. Of course, we are talking about occasionally taking them out, not to keep them there permanently. 

If you have a deck or a patio, there shouldn’t be a problem as far as it’s not wet. The grass might not be the best idea as it will keep the moisture for a couple of days, and your dog bed might soak it from the bottom. You will always need to consider the weather on the day before to see if the ground is dry and safe to place the bed on it.

There are waterproof, and water-resistant dog bed covers on the market that might solve that problem for you. All you have to do is get the right size for the dog bed you have, and you can place them anywhere outside.

Final Thoughts

Getting a bean bag bed for your dog is a great idea. They are comfortable, durable, and your dog will love sleeping in their cozy spot. They are available in many sizes and shapes; therefore, finding the one that fits your dog should not be a problem.

Always inspect and look after the bean bag dog bed. Even when they are supposed to be unbreakable and chew-resistant, there is always a chance they might open and spill the filling, which is dangerous for animals to inhale or eat.

If you buy a high-quality bean bag for your dog, it will last you for years to come making your dog happy and healthy. 


Self-taught bean bag enthusiast. I love restoring, fixing, and making bean bags from scratch.

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