How To Choose The Best Bean Bag Door Stopper?

A bean bag door stopper is a fabric that is often filled with polystyrene beads, and it’s usually kept at the front or at the back of the door.  Bean bag door stoppers will help you keep the door open, closed, and prevent the door from opening widely.

In this article, I will cover essential factors to consider when buying a bean bag door stopper, some of the best options for you to buy, and learn the things you can use to fill your bean bag door stopper. You will also find out the numerous benefits of the bean bag door stopper.

Things to consider when buying a bean bag door stopper

    Bean bag door stoppers are there, of course, to protect your doors and walls. It’s a relatively small thing that saves you tons of money you would spend repairing your walls.

Door stoppers are absorbing the shock of hitting the door, so your wall stays safe. They are preventing the door from swinging when you have windows open.

Some of the significant factors that you need to consider include:

  • The thickness of the bean bag door stopper

Always ensure that the bean bag stopper is the right thickness. Bean bags door stoppers are bound to compress whenever force is applied to them. Ensure that you purchase a bean bag stopper that is thick enough to hold the pressure applied to it as the door closes. It’s recommended that you buy a bean bag with a higher thickness than the doorknob.

  • Weight of the bean bag door stopper

Another thing to look out for is the weight. In most cases, the heavier the filling, the less it will compress, meaning that you can have smaller bean bag door stoppers if it’s heavier (fuller). The heavier bean bag door stoppers are usually more costly.

  • The fabric

Since the ban bag door stopper is mainly placed on the ground, the product can easily get dirty. Therefore, it is crucial for you to get the right fabric. Choose a fabric that you can clean easily. The most commonly used fabric is linen and polyester.

What type of fillings can you use for your bean bag door stopper?

You can add the following fillings to your bean bag door stopper:

  • Organic fillers
  • Plastic beads
  • Compressed foam
  • Expanded polystyrene
  • Pebble gravel

Organic fillers

You can use organic fillers to fill your bean bag door stopper. The most commonly used organic fillers include rice and beans. Organic fillers are relatively cheap, eco-friendly, and are also unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction.

Plastic beads

Plastic beads are ideal for your bean bag door stopper as they are heavy, durable, and don’t have funny smells. However, plastic beads can be quite expensive; hence, you can cut down the cost and consider combining them with polystyrene beads.

Compressed foam

You can fill your bean bag door stopper with compressed foam, also known as memory foam. It’s among the best fillers due to its ability to absorb shock.

Expanded polystyrene

The beads used in filling the bean bag door stopper is light and comes with an inelastic structure. The fillings are a favorite to many people as they are resistant to water and moisture.

Pebble gravel

You can use pebbles to fill your bean bag door stopper, and the good thing about them is that you quickly purchase them at a local garden area. The pebbles are long-lasting, and you only need to add some small amounts for you to achieve your desired results. Consider adding some wadding at the top and on the sides to give the bean bag door stopper a soft touch.

Benefits of bean bag door stopper

Preventing the door from hitting the wall

You are likely to realize that your doorknob hits the wall each time you open or close, causing damage to your wall. A bean bag door will help you solve that problem by preventing the door from hitting the wall.

Bean bag door stopper will help you avoid bangs. Therefore, you don’t have to endure the irritating sounds after the door bangs, as a bean bag door stopper will help you reduce that effect.

Great around kids

They are also a great help around the kids. Having a child myself, I know first-hand how dangerous doors can be for a small child. Kids are curious and will put fingers in between doors, or like my son, they will continuously be closing every door they came across.

The door stopper prevents that all, and it’s too heavy for little kids to pick up and move, so after a couple of tries, they leave it alone. Win-win.

It’s cheap as compared to doing repairs

You can never compare the cost of repairing the damages caused to the wall and purchasing a bean bag door stopper. Spend a few coins and save huge costs associated with repairs.

Helps to keep the door open

Bean bag door stopper will help you keep the door open so you don’t have to keep on holding the door to ensure that it remains open. Furthermore, you often find that you can’t hold the door when you have just arrived from the supermarket.

You have to constantly move from the car to the house as you unload the items bought. Bean bag door stoppers will help you keep the door open as you perform activities that require you to use both hands.

Might be helpful for people with disabilities

Door stoppers can also be helpful for people with disabilities. Having a door opens in the house will be a great little help for wheelchair users. It will be out of the way while allowing moving swiftly around the place, and if the door needs to be closed, they are easy to move.

Great gift idea

  It’s a great gift! Your friends just moved in into a new place, and you think what to get for them? Look no further. Bean bag door stopper can be an excellent present for any age group.

Big selection

 Designs of the bean bag door stoppers are so various that everyone will find something they like. Whether your house is a pet-friendly place, a man cave, or a luxurious apartment, you can still find a door stopper that matches your style. There are bean bag door stoppers in so many shapes and sizes you’ll have trouble choosing your favorite one.

Our top choices

No Place Like Home door stopper

The high ratings show that the product works perfectly. It’s a high-quality door stopper that is made from polyester, linen, and rope. The product is heavy enough as it weighs two pounds, and you can easily clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth.

It’s a perfect gift for friends and family. The fantastic thing about this product is that it has an in-house design with the initials “There’s no place like home” printed on it. Hence making the bean bag door stopper very attractive and also gives you a warm welcome.

Brown Dog Decorative door stopper

The decorative door stopper by Morgan homes is a perfect bean bag door stopper. It’s made from rubber and silicone fillings. It will help keep your doors open, and besides that, it’s a decorative piece to keep in your home. It would be a perfect gift for any dog lover.

Morgan home also offers various bean bag door stoppers of different animal designs, including the bird, brown hedgehog, fox, fur lama, grey elephant, pink pig, and white cat. With so many different varieties to choose from, you are assured of a product that will suit your taste.

Decorpro Cute Decorative Hedgehog

The bean bag door stopper is made from polyester and cotton material. It is filled with sand to make it heavy; this enables it to stay in an upright sitting position, keeping your door open.

You can move it quickly from one door to another. This bean bag door stopper will give you a more welcoming feeling than the metal and wood door stopper due to its funny and unique design.

The product can be used for any door, such as your bedroom door and kid’s room door, limiting your frequent rounds of opening and closing the door. It’s a perfect housewarming gift. The product is also available in various animal designs, including alpaca, goat, dog, owl, and penguin.

Check it here (Available on Amazon)

Fabric Doorstop with Ring

It’s an incredible bean bag door stopper and has an attached ring, making it easier for you to move it from one door to another. It’s made of canvas material, which is durable and heavy; the material will not damage your door and the floor. The product is an excellent decor and can be a wonderful gift.

Dewarfami fabric animal door stopper

The product helps prevent the door from hitting the wall by ensuring the door remains open without getting in your way. You can place it in the kid’s bedroom and even in the office. It has a great design, and it will become a favorite for many kids.

Maxtid giraffe 36″ giraffe door stopper

The bean bag door stopper is very colorful, making it fantastic for the kid’s rooms. The product is 36 inches long, and it’s durable. It is heavy-duty, which helps it to add more weight hence gaining stability.

This door stopper can cover gaps of around 3.5 inches, reducing noise, preventing cold and wind from entering your home, and makes sure that there is no dust under your door. It’s a perfect gift for your kids, friends, and family.

Final Thoughts

Bean bag door stoppers are becoming a necessity in many people’s homes. They are ideal for your home and can be placed either at the front or at the back of the door hence preventing the door from opening, closing, and slamming.

Bean bag door stoppers are also available in different animal designs; you can easily pick your favorite animal. Once you choose the right bean bag door stopper, you will wonder how you ever managed without using one.


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