How to Break in Your New Bean Bag Chair?

When you buy a new bean bag chair, you don’t need to get the help of anyone to assemble it. You can smoothly go through the assembly process on your own.

To break in your new chair you simply need to let the filling expand on its own. Usually, bean bags are being delivered in vacuum packaging to make it easier. Bean bag needs time and a bit of your help to achieve its full capacity and fluffiness which provides unlimited comfort for you.

Keep on reading this, and we will share the steps you will need to follow and get the job done. 

Steps to break in your new bean bag chair

The process you should follow to break in your new bean bag chair is not complicated. You can do it in just three simple steps. The very first thing you should do is to remove the cover and liner from the box. The liner will be filled with foam. 

You will need to ensure that the liner is kept closed as you break the foam. That’s because it will provide you with the opportunity to deliver oxygen to the foam, which will allow it to expand effectively to the original shape.

The foam you get is already shredded. Hence, you will not need to rip it apart manually. You just need to release it to get the foam out of its compressed state effectively.

Once you are done breaking apart all large foam pieces, you will need to massage them effectively. This is where you can make sure that large pieces are entirely broken.

Then you will need to take the cover and match the seams of it. It will take some time for you to get an altogether comfortable bean bag chair. However, the time you wait is worth it compared to the benefits you will receive.

Now you have a basic understanding of how to break in your bean bag chair. While keeping that in mind, let’s deep dive and learn more about the steps. For example, there are different types of bean bag chairs, and the steps you need to follow would vary. Hence, make sure that you follow these steps to get the best results.

How to break in foam filled bean bag chairs

Foam-filled bean bag chairs are the most popular type of bean bag chairs available for purchase. The process you have to follow to break in such a bean bag chair is relatively easy.

Once you get the package, you should carefully go through the information provided with it. Then you can proceed to puncture the shell fabric. You can use pallet knives or scissors to get the job done.

You will notice that shredded memory foam is available in a separate compartment from the outer shell in a foam-filled bean bag chair. That’s because the seller has shrunk the filling with a vacuum pump so that it can be shipped to you with minimum effort.

You will need to take out the foam, which you can find within the inner shell. Then you should allow it to sit and expand. In the meantime, you can think about unpackaging the outer shell.

To unpack the outer shell, open up the zipper. Then you will need to lay it flat on the floor. You should also place the shell filled with foam on top of the bean bag cover and break the foam’s large chunk. You will need to do that with your hands. Then you can allow the material to expand. 

You will then need to flip the top part of the cover on top of the foam. Along with that, you should close the zipper of the outer shell. The foam will not expand to the fullest capacity unless you work on it. This is where you can kick, punch, and flip over the chair.

You will need to spend your time with it so that you will be able to get the foam to expand fully. It can take a few days or even up to a week. You need to be patient and support the expansion process as much as possible.

What should you do if you get packaged foam and inner cover separately? 

In some instances, packed foam and the inner cover would be delivered to you separately. If you got such a bean bag chair, the steps you should follow would be somewhat different.

You will need to initially open the inner cover and lay that on the floor. Then you will need to put the foam into it. Make sure that you put packaged foam while keeping it in its plastic packaging. Then you can cut the plastic packaging and release all-foam particles to the liner. 

You should then close the liner and twist off the zipper pull so that you can remove it. Then you can begin massaging the foam. You can flip the chair so it will get enough air for the foam to develop.

The foam should be able to fully expand within the inner cover. You will also need to properly match the liner’s seams when placing that inside the outer shell. You can complete the job by closing the zip of the outer shell.

How to break in EPS bead-filled chairs

The popularity of EPS bead-filled chairs are increasing along with time. EPS refers to Expanded Polystyrene. The steps to break in such a bean bag chair are different.

You will still need to go through the assembly process. Before you go ahead with the assembly process, it is better to get someone’s help; otherwise, you might end up spilling the beads when you are trying to pour them into the cover of the bean bag. 

One technique you can follow to avoid spills would be to pour the beads into a large funnel. Or else, you can even think about getting a small PVC pipe, which you can use to direct the beads into the shell. You will need to make sure that you never overfill the chair with the beads.

You will need to fill around 70% of it. Usually, the manufacturers are sending an exact amount of filler required for the size. After a couple of months, when you feel the bean bag chair needs a top-up, you can think about adding more beads inside. This will help you to get the most comfortable fit for your bean bag chair. 

After you fill in the bag, the beads will compress and lose the cushioning effect along with time. This is where you should shake and flip the chair for few times. You will get back the cushioning effect.

How to break in leather bean bag chairs 

If you love the luxurious experience offered by leather bean bag chairs, you can purchase one of them. The steps you should follow to break in a leather bean bag chair are convenient and straightforward. 

All you have to do is just sit on the chair regularly. It is even better if you can do this within a warm room. That’s because a warm temperature can deliver better results for you.

Patience is important to break in a bean bag chair 

If you need to break into a bean bag chair, you will need to have a lot of patience. That’s because it will never deliver instant results. You will need to wait for several days or even weeks until the foam expands naturally. Otherwise, it will not be possible for you to get a comfortable experience out of the bean bag chair. 

You need to get a bean bag chair that comes with a high quality fill material. It will help you ensure that you get the right level of support offered by the bean bag.

If you have to work too hard to ensure your comfort with the bean bag chair, there’s something wrong with it. It is better to shop around and buy a reputed bean bag chair to overcome this struggle. 

Can you break in any bean bag chair? 

It might not be possible for you to break in some of the bean bag chairs. In such situations, you can think about returning the chair. However, you may have to bear the shipping cost on your own. Just double-check and see whether your seller would pay for the shipping cost or not.

You can get additional information about this on the return policy. You will need to make sure that the bean bag chair is in its original condition at the time of returning. Otherwise, it will not be possible for you to get a refund or a replacement product.

Final words

Now you have a clear picture of how to break in a new bean bag chair. All you have to do is follow these steps, and you will be able to end up with effective results. As mentioned earlier, be patient, and you will be able to get the most out of your bean bag chair.


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